About Ekene

I am a reinvention consultant and strategist! I’m the woman to help you go from stuck to fabulous.

Ekene2The Big Why! Why Refresh? Why now?

Well, first let me tell you who I am. I am a licensed pharmacist with over 15 years of professional practice…but I don’t practice pharmacy anymore. Four years ago, I hit the Refresh button and made a radical shift in my own life. I became a certified professional coach, speaker and author of two books (almost done with the third) and I am also certified in organizational consulting and change leadership from Georgetown university. I am constantly investing in education so, I have also received education in social psychology, emotional intelligence and resilience training.

I have an unconventional resume…but leaders can not be afraid to be unconventional.

I started Refresh because I saw a need for a place for women from all walks of life to get the resources, support and tools they need to create successful lives on their own terms.
I wanted to do work that focused on holistic leadership that starts from the inside and radiates out.

And the time for this is now! In the last year, I heard of at least three cases of women committing suicide. Professional women, powerful women, many of whom could be described as change agents and thought leaders. It is always shocking and sad to hear such news but because I have seen life from a health care professionals perspective, I know how much stress and pain some women carry, no matter how successful they may seem and I know how isolated they might feel and that they need to be supported in being their best but also a place where they can find help if they are feeling at their worst.

So I set out to create this brand. Refresh: A place for holistic feminine leadership.
A place where there is congruence between external skill sets like networking, being financially savvy, learning how to leverage your skills to grow as an executive and the internal skills like building a strong emotional core and meditation for success. An life strategy that promotes without apology or dilution the necessity of creating a holistic success plan and gives you the coaching tools to do it.

How do I do this?
I do this through a mix of coaching and teaching, through media and custom designed experiences for individuals and organizations.
At Refresh events:
Women get to define success on their own terms.
Get the support they need and want
Honor the fullness of who they are
No more false choices
No more feeling small
Women are co-creators of their reality
Formal education is not at war with informal education – both are honored.
Women get the tools necessary to create a community of power inside of an empowered community.

I specialize in helping women do a number of things.
Create a life plan in their flow – Achieve balance, have more fun, feel sexier, work smarter and live well.
Reinvent themselves – Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life? Are you feeling stuck? In your life, relationship (or lack thereof) or even your image? Are you due for a makeover? I get it. I know how to push through all the resistance, fear and just lack of know how to go from stuck to fabulous.
Step into the spotlight – Sometimes you know, deep down inside that you are spectacular. You just know you were born for greatness, but you are not ready for your spotlight. I can help you get ready. Get ready for the big time.
Handle relationship drama –  Are you struggling with the idea of leaving or staying? Are you carrying around shame and guilt because of it? I can help you put that stuff down and live through what you are dealing with. I will give you the tools you need to get clear on what will work for you.

I have been called authentic, compassionate, insightful, wise and gifted. Working with me, you are guaranteed aEkene Onu confidential safe space, real talk, no judgment, accountability and real action plans to change your life.

What you can expect through coaching with me?

  • A thorough audit of your lifestyle or business or relationship. Together we will look critically at your vision and goals + your current situation and identify gaps and opportunities and create a simple action plan to create powerful change in your life.
  • A boldly creative and thinking partner who will get you moving.
  • A safe space to speak power to your truth. No judgment, no BS, just love.
  • Your own personal lifestyle and business strategist! (Once we understand your flow, I will help you recreate your business, career path or relationship behaviors in a way that better serves you.
  • An accountability partner who will call you out when necessary and love your through to your successful life.

My promise: This is a heart centered business for me – That means, I am here to serve you. I will give you my undivided best during our time and I will go above and beyond to give you incredible value! I am not interested in becoming your guru, because you are your own guru! I just want to help you find, maintain and position your power.

What they are saying about me?
I hired Ekene for a strategy session. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The pre-work was indepth and even that was helpful, but during our one on one discussion I was blown away. Just 30 minutes in, I had already received the value of my investment and more”

“Ekene coached me in my business. I had been in business for a few years and I was getting burnt out. I was making money, but it was becoming too much of a hustle. I had decided to invest in a high capital, big and fancy business and I had even hired someone to write a business plan for me, so I could get investors. After our first two sessions, Ekene helped me get back into my flow and I could finally admit I didn’t want that business. I wanted to keep doing the work I was already doing but to do it in a way that yielded more money and gave me the time and flexibility I truly wanted. By the end of our sessions, she helped me find my genius zone and redesign my existing business (with minimal investment) and I am currently making three times as much a month as I was before I started with her and I am on my way to building it even bigger because I love it now!”

“I was a success at work. Competent and focused. But in my personal life, I was struggling. I felt like I had to sacrifice one for the other. But Ekene’s work with me, inspired and encouraged me to take action and get out of my comfort zone. I had been hiding behind my work. Now I am taking positive steps to creating the relationship I want!”

“My relationship was in tatters. I thought we were going to break up. I wanted to but then again I didn’t want to. I felt so conflicted and angry and hurt. The first thing Ekene did was to give me permission to just be. She assured me that no matter what path I chose, it would be fine. Once she did that she helped be change my focus and taught me a few eye opening things. She helped me face my true self and own my part in the current relationship and helped me tear down the walls I had been putting up without realizing. She never once spoke to my partner, but through working with her, I was able to effect change and now my partner and I seem to have turned a corner and are happier than ever and I feel so empowered because I know no matter what, I will be fine.”

My offer:
I just recently opened up my mastermind circles and they are filling up quickly.
I also offer one time strategy sessions and monthly mentorship options.
In the coming months, I will be opening up my virtual group coaching program and my mastermind circles – Join my list so you will be in the know when these roll out.
Email me today – ekene@refreshwithekene.com


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