This session of the Jumpstart is now closed. Please sign up to my list to be alerted to new classes and sessions. 

Let me share what some of the participants have said.

“I’m excited, daydreaming, visualizing, checking my flow, engaging my inner mindset, motivating my elephant and directing the rider intentionally. I’m Fabulous, Anointed and Blessed (FAB) to be part of this, thank you. ‪#‎refreshjumpstart‬.” Linda, Pharmacist, USA

“My husband told me, he noticed that I have changed for the better” IJ, Medical doctor, USA

“So, I’ve done my Thursday’s challenge, I had to give a talk at a women’s conference……It went well and I got some commendations!!!” Linda, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

“This is just what I needed to push me to take the steps I have really needed to take. I’m about to cry! ‪#‎refreshjumpstart‬


As you can see from the comments above, the Jumpstart experience is designed to help you get connected to your true power and start the process of becoming the woman you want to be.

Let me tell you who is a good fit for this program.

    • Women who are ready to take action and willing to actually engage
    • Women are prepared to commit at least 10 – 20 minutes a day towards achieving the life that they desire.
    • Women are are not looking for a magic pill but practical, proven, powerful insights, techniques and tools.
    • Women who are NOT looking for a guru, but a teacher who can walk alongside as they become their own gurus.
    • Women who are authentic and real and not interested in fluff or faking it till they make it.

If that sounds like you and you need to connect to a community of women like that. This is the program for you.

      1. If you need something to help you get back on track with yourself or simply keep you on track, this is for you.
      2. If you have lost your mojo and want to start feeling sexy, powerful and like anything is possible again…then this is for you.
      3. If you have gone through transition, new marriage, new job, new baby…this is for you.
      4. If you find yourself asking “What next?” This is for you.

The Jumpstart experience is a virtual group coaching experience for busy women like yourself who don’t have the time or inclination to participate in one to one coaching sessions but who realize that education, inspiration and community are key components to every successful, fabulous woman’s life.


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