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JUMPSTARTphotoThe Jumpstart experience is a virtual group coaching experience for busy women like yourself who don’t have the time or inclination to participate in one to one coaching sessions but who realize that education, inspiration and community are key components to every successful, fabulous woman’s life.

I APPLAUD YOU…because you are saying YES to living fabulously and you are not going to let EXCUSES, FEAR, RESISTANCE, DISTRACTION, hold you back. You are choosing to live and lead fearlessly and as such, know this, you are an inspiration already to someone or many people, myself included.

All modules will include a video hangout and an office hours sessions for comments and Q&A. This experience starts Monday January 19th. By purchasing now, you are taking advantage of the pre-launch price.

  • Week 1: It’s all about YOU! In this module, Ekene will lead you in the self work needed to become powerfully self aware vs self conscious, how to effectively have use of self and how to overcome self limiting thoughts and behaviors. You will discover your own personal magic, open up your understanding of authentic possibility and identify the hidden toxic factors that are holding you back in your life and harness the power of your vulnerability.
  • Week 2: Refresh rituals! You will learn how to create a radical self care routine that creates a positive energy loop. You will learn how to maximize your life in such a way that makes you more resilient, more creative and more powerful regardless of your circumstances.
  • Week 3: Dealing with resistance and making change stick! Ekene is certified in change leadership and she will teach you strategies and awareness tools to prepare for and address any setbacks or challenges.
  • Week 4: The triple P’s of being fabulous. This module will help you change the way you move and are in the world. It will help you understand how to position yourself to attract the right partner or refresh your current relationships, how to get noticed for that promotion, sale or opportunity, how to unleash your inner charismatic self and own every room you walk into, no matter what.
  • Week 5: Visioning and strategizing in your flow! Create your holistic success strategy in your flow. Understand the ins and outs of what makes you really happy, beautiful and powerful and create a plan that works with your natural inclinations instead of against it.
  • Week 6: Creating a community of power! Learn how to identify potential community members. You will also learn the secrets of savvy relationship building and also learn how to vision cast and effortlessly attract people who will move you forward in your life.


Register now! This is an accessible price to celebrate the new year, it will be the last time it is offered at this low price. This one simple investment can be the game changer for your new year. Once you register, you will receive registration details in your inbox within 48hrs.


You = Fabulous (10 ways to refresh your beauty)

This book is not about exercise and vanity. This workbook is about taking you to the core of who you are, which is an amazing gorgeous being. Learn more about this Refresh With Ekene workbook and be on your way to a whole new level of fabulosity.

This download is a one of Ekene’s amazing freebies that is available to members of her community! Click the link below and get it now!

Learn more here


Are you ready to Sparkle?

Are you a woman that knows that deep inside you have more…

Are you living a life that you feel could be better?

Are you stuck and looking for a way to transform your life?

It’s a 4 week investment in you. You will get education, tools and strategies that will help you create the life that you deserve to live. You can create sparkle in your life. You can shine, you just need the know how, the tools and the girlfriend like, real talk, inspirational support that Ekene can give. And if you click the link you will find out just how real she is. She is a woman who went from frumpy to sparkling, losing 90 pounds, changing careers and refreshing her relationships herself and she is the perfect person to connect with on your journey.

This is for the woman that knows that she needs more accountability than a self paced workbook can provide. It is for that wise woman who wants to hit the ground running and is not willing to settle for less than the very best.

Sign up for this email based coaching program that is based on the Refresh and Sparkle workbook. When you sign up for this you will be able to be part of a jumpstart telesession with Ekene and receive weekly email support including access to chat office hours for 4 weeks as you go through the workbook that you receive as part of the makeover package. You also receive a customized Refresh report based on your specific lifestyle and requirements.

Here’s what people have said about working with Ekene

“I finally understand what has been holding me back all these years”

“Ekene helped me regain my confidence and take back my power in my relationship”

“After spending just one day with Ekene, I was able to take action to start the business, I have been wanting to start for years”

“I finally stopped crying and started living!”

If you are ready to create similar results in your own life, and partner with Ekene in that process and if you are ready to work with someone who is compassionate but straight forward, then click the link below.

Ekene says “I am not interested in being a guru, because we all already have what we need to become our own gurus and what I want to do is help you find the keys you need to unlock and unleash that potential!”

When you sign up for the make-over program (Which I should mention is at an introductory price for a short time) you will also receive bonuses like

*Ekene’s books, Can I be real and Think Pink (Every girl’s manifesto – with advice from acclaimed author Chimamanda Adichie and film maker Nnegest Likke to name a few)
*Access to insider life shop course – Create your own silver lining (Tips to turn adversity into advantage) and more fabulous freebies.

Every day you procrastinate is a day you rob yourself of more joy, more love and more wealth. Stop waiting and start living.

Create your own silver lining!
This is Refresh with Ekene lifeshop that helps you learn how to deal with difficult times and how to turn adversity into advantage.







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