I’m looking for you.

Who are you going to be?
The woman who spends her time talking about other people’s lives or the woman who actually is living a life worth talking about.

If something came up for you right there, please keep reading.

I have less and less patience to engage in random talk. It doesn’t interest me. What interests me is meeting women (and men) who are excited about life, pushing beyond boundaries, who are invested in living an extraordinary life. Women who have vision and ideas.

I’m bored with talk about the latest. Let’s go create the greatest. I don’t want to go to the same parties, eat the same rice and recycle the same gist. I want to explore new cities, try new foods and hear new sounds of harmony that inspire me.

I can’t do it later. My later is now. Because by the time the kids are grown, I might be ground down into mediocrity. Because waiting for the day you will get rich is a sure way to remain poor. Because when I finally lose the weight and get fabulous I will discover that I have been fabulous all along and I missed my youth longing for something I already had.

And I am unapologetic. Talk about me if you like. Already my life is fodder for many who would rather gossip than live, and what a life it has been! I have lost and gained. Been loved and hurt and loved again and again. Become love even. I have failed and won and will do so many more times. I have birthed and wept as the heartbeat just stopped. I have seen oceans and I have seen lands. And I’m just getting started. So if you like to gist about people. Wait for me. I’m coming.
Just wait and watch, what a life it will be. Because God is awesome. And I have decided to step into the paths that He has laid out for me.

I’m looking for women who aren’t afraid. Who don’t need to put others down to feel OK. Women who don’t need to pick up the phone to share the news of other people’s misery (because like me they have finally become wise enough to know, that when you do that, you only invite that darkness into your own life)

I’m looking for women who neither need or fear the spotlight. Standing out is part of life. Women who don’t need to have a logo to make them feel relevant (but if they do, they own it, it doesn’t own them)

I’m looking for women who may cry occasionally or get knocked down and fall and fail out of their stilettos but they don’t sit there. They stand up. Shake out their hair and strut regardless.

I’m looking for real. I’m looking for true. I’m looking for ready to go hard but sometimes I get tired so hold my hand let’s go together mama. I’m looking for single women and wives. Mothers and aunties. Career warriors and trail blazing entrepreneurs.
I’m looking for women who are confident and fierce. Even when they haven’t figured out everything they need.

Wait a minute. Could I be looking for you?

It doesn’t matter who you were yesterday or even one second ago. This very moment, you can become who you really are and step into the life God desires for you.
See you soon. Where are we going?

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