Are you ready to step into the fabulous life you know you should have?

Are you struggling with work/life balance?

Do you feel like you need that extra oomph to kick-start your progress?

Do you want to be you, but better?


Then this is the group for you! It is going to be like a high energy dance class, where you sweat out all your resistance and fear and stress, build up your faith and confidence muscles, re-energize your sexy and take back control of your life.


What will you get?

  1. Here’s the reason why mastermind groups and aerobics classes for that matter are often better than going it alone…they are more fun, you get input and motivation from your partners and it actually helps hold you accountable because other people are involved. However the good thing about a mastermind group like this is…you don’t necessarily know the people so it’s like getting fresh ideas, fresh perspective, fresh energy!


  1. You get a fun, high energy, real talk group leader or instructor! Moi! I have had the opportunity to share and be inspired by different women masterminds and I would love to share what I have learned in my trainings, life experiences and more.


  1. You will have access to occasional guest masterminds who are skilled in different areas as we focus on in refreshing our lives. These interviews will be a mix of video, skype, call ins and more.



Ekene can’t wait to hear from you! (Contact her for more info on her Refreshing Services)


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